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Very Secure, with Flexibility, Video Conferencing Introducing VideoMeet

Empower your organization with secure Video Conferencing Solutions that are simple to use, secure, flexible, and can be privately hosted and branded for your organization.

Lets stay safe and social distance

Move boardroom meetings to VideoMeet

We have solutions for your quick up to 50 person video meeting. Our Solutions is designed for small and medium business and is secure, encrypted technology, easy to use and launch. Get started today.

Secure Encryption

Video Meeting with full end to end Encryption for security and peace of mind.

One-Click Meetings

Instantly join or host or manage a video meeting from your boardroom, desk or mobile device

Mobile app Plug-in

join meetings or start a meeting with your mobile device. Android or iOS

Custom Branding

VideoMeet custom branding feature allows your logo and background to be used.

Do you need a solution for online learning or for a webinar?

Take your large webinar or Classroom online

Our tool provides real time sharing of video and audio, as well as slides, whiteboard, chats and screen sharing. It allows conferences to have breakout rooms as well as polling and sharing of Emoji icons for interactive learning.

Secure Encryption

Video Meeting with full end to end Encryption for security and peace of mind.

Clustering Solutions

for corporation, educational institutions, alarge scale maangement system

Webinars for Business

Transforms your webinars and scale big. Our Video Conference solutions scales with you

For Educators

we have features for corporate teachers or for professional teaching remote students.

Some of the Top FEATURES

Our private Hosted Video Conference Solutions are feature rich, and we run 2 platforms to optimize on your requirements. So if you need 1 click video meeting, or need to run a large class room style Webinar. We will tailor fit a custom private Branded solution for your business.

One-Click Video Conferencing

video chat with the entire team and invite co-workers, partners, customers or the guy down the street. Its easy to start.

Private Rooms

Ability to set up private video rooms that allow for Recording and Playback. Participates can watch the meeting at a later date or review it.

Live White Boards

Put up a whiteboard and share and collaborate with your team and put your ideas to life. Share your desktop for everyone to see.

OUR Detailed Feature List

our private hosted and Secure Video Collaboration Solutions are feature intense.

Screen Sharing

ability to share your desktop and mobile device quickly from anyplace, anywhere with 1 click

Mobile Video

Start an Video Meeting Session from your mobile device, or join a meeting with one click from a mobile device.


ability to have chat conversations with everyone on video conference or a private chat with 1 or a few participates.


Our platforms has the ability for people on the call to express themselves. Great in a learning environment

Video Webinars

Marketing Events, Large sales presentations, Town Hall presentations, our solution will help you achive your goals

Conference Rooms

you can design an build custom video conference rooms, where you can store your sessions for review later

Screen Sharing

ability to share your screen with all participates and also hand over or share moderator rights on the session.

Audio Only

your participates can join with quality audio only, so connecting without a cam or on a mobile device is easy.

Multi-user Whiteboards

share a whiteboard and brain storm ideas with the team ona video call. remote work as never been so fun.

Breakout Rooms

group users into breakout rooms for team collaboration. Great way to run sales and marketing learning tracks

24/7 Support

VideoMeet is backed and supported By Rebel Networks Inc. our team is here to support you

Private Label

We can tailor a special hosted solution with your brand and logo. a custom solution for your business

VideoMeet is here to help you social distance!

Easy to Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate

Learn how easy it is to run a simple web meeting, a corporate webinar, to set up a classroom to teach your employees to students

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